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Local boy puts the Fighter in Firefighter

By Scott Morgan, 08/04/15, 11:45AM CDT


They say Christopher has always been a fighter,ever since he was born, which was 12 weeks early. He wasn’t given the best prognosis back then. His parents have done anything & everything for him to help him reach his full potential. Mom has brought him to therapy sessions everyday of the week, sometimes up to 3 a day. She has researched & fought for all that he has, whether it be aquatic therapy, braces for his weak legs, etc. He was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. But that hasn’t stopped their plight. Whenever the insurance company has said no, his parents have still found a way to make things happen! He is 2 years old & the youngest of the 4 children. Christopher loves EVERYTHING that has to do with the Fire Department. Mom recently went to Las Vegas and brought him back a shirt from their local fire department. He absolutely LOVED IT!! We are asking for any fire departments willing, to send him a shirt to help grow his collection.

The mailing address is:
39 Hovey Street
Quincy, MA 02171

Thank you in advance for helping to make Christopher a collection that he will cherish forever.
You can check out his Facebook Page at “Fireshirts for Christopher”.

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